Customer Satisfaction

At Trout Auctions, Customer Satisfaction is our primary business objective. We strive to please you in every facet of your interaction with us.

Trout Auctioneers, Inc. has done appraisals and auctions for Estates, the USDA Farm Service Agency, formerly Farm Home Administration, the Federal Land Bank, the Farm Credit Association, Federal Bankruptcy Courts, and various Trustees in other court cases.

Our company carries $1 million in liability insurance and guarantees full payment of the net sale proceeds within 14 banking days of the sale.

We use modern technology to:

  • Provide you with a computerized auction clerking and sales settlement
  • Advertise auctions on the internet through this site
  • Maintain and use a voluntary postal mailing list of over 5,000 satisfied buyers and sellers

Here are just some of the many Customer Comments we've received:

  • "Dear Martha Strawsburg and all, Yesterday I happily received your check for the proceeds of auctioning the contents of my husband's workshop here at Buckingham's Choice. Many thanks!!! You made what seemed like an impossible and emotionally difficult job so easy for me.

    Rest assured that my children will know to call on you when the time come to clear out my belongings here. Again....thanks so much for a job well done. Sincerely,"

    Carolyn M. Miller

  • "Dear Martha, Thank you for a successful auction. Your advice and expertise were valuable to all of us - before and during the sale. I would recommend your services to anyone who needs to liquidate an estate Your staff was polite and professional. I'm glad I was able to meet them. Gratefully,"

    Brenda E. Smith

  • "Dear Martha, Thank you so much for coming to my home and appraising my grandmother's glassware and china. It has really given me peace of mind to know what I have. Being the eldest child, I can fairly divide up this china to family members. It was also a treat for me to meet you in person. Thanks again! P.S. Hope your cat is well! "

    Sue Marinello

  • "Dear Martha! My sincere thanks for marking my move so easy. Also, I am pleased with the sale of my items! Hope to see you again"

    Emily Sauerwei

  • "Dear Martha, Your checks have arrived along with the record of sales. I want you to know how much we appreciate the way you handled our sale. From the moment we met you, we felt comfortable and in good, competent and honest hands. Thank you so much! We will pass the word along! Sincerely,"

    Joanne Supplee

  • "Dear Martha, We received your check for the sale of items from Mitch's estate and want you to know we appreciate your professionalism and guidance during a very difficult and trying time. It was comforting to rely on your experience. Many thanks. Sincerely,"

    Marion and Joe Wolk

  • "Dear Martha, Dick and I want to thank you for the great care and attention you gave all of our possessions. You keep wonderful records and we so appreciate all you have done for us in our absence. We know you take great care to be fair in all you do for everyone. We highly respect how you run the business. We know that the demand is much, much less for antiques in this tough time for America. We hope the tide turns very soon for all of us. It's been 3 yrs. since my diagnosis of lung cancer. God has blessed me so much. I'm gardening every day. I am making an oasis out of our postage stamp lawn along with Dick. - May God bless you, Kenny, all whom you love. With huge thanks,"


  • "Dear Martha, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your employees for all the help that you provided to our family at the sale Wednesday night. You spent time with us and helped us find my grand-mum’s goodies, when you really did not have to take the time. You have made a difficult time, easier to bear. Thanks again. Sincerely, "

    Mary Jo Pearson "number 170"

  • "A Big THANK YOU - It was a GREAT SALE!! And you made it so easy for me. My best to you all -"

    Frank Beachley

  • "Thank you so much for being so helpful during our estate sale. I feel you went beyond the call of duty to be helpful."

    Betty Bowers

  • "Thank you so much for the appraisal - whether or not we put this information on our insurance, it is a comfort to me to have this information."

    Donna Sullivan

  • "I want to thank you, Martha and all the fine people who work with you for making what could have been a trauma for the family into a smooth and efficient experience. Your kindness and thoughtfulness were deeply appreciated. Warmest best wishes to you all."

    Henry Norman

  • "We are so grateful for the fine and honest service provided for us. You will always be remembered."

    The Gibbons Family

  • "Enclosed is our check for your appraisal. It was very prompt, efficient and of the highest caliber."

    Lois Ann Fergus-Oler

  • "Very pleased with the appraisal of the real estate and personal property. Will let you know shortly about the sale of the real property."

    George E. Witt

  • "This is a very belated "Thank You" for moving all of our items through the auction process (e.g. antique sewing machine, patterned love seat, patterned antique arm chair and other items). We've been really busy buying a house in New Market, and then getting Jane's old house ready for sale (it just went on the Market last Friday 1/17/2014). Thanks to you, it was a relief not to have to move these items into another home. Although after moving all of our things, we wish that we had brought you twice as many items :-). We really love it here in Frederick County!

    We last saw you with your mother in Dr. Segal's office when we were all there for an eye appointment, and that's a reminder for best wishes for overall health. Also, we wish you continued success into 2014 and beyond! Hugs!"

    Walt & Jane Brandt

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